We import and promote only Excellence,
nothing less!

Wine and Excellence

Wine & Excellence is a courageous idea carried out from a strong passion for Excellence.

Wine & Excellence is a young company founded in 2006 and is one of the largest importers in Romania having today over 1.200 products in portfolio. We are importing products from many countries, covering a wide and varied range of wine and delicacies

We truly believe, as Richard Diaz once used to say, that “there has always been an elegance to the application of excellence”. For us bringing Excellence in what we do is not just an expression, but a strong determination to achieve the best for our customers. Our customers, seen as partners, will receive the best awarded and strictly selected products from suppliers with important history and traditions!

Wine & Excellence's Goal
Is to to rewrite the history of drinking wine and eating delicacies, to build a strong brand beside our exceptional winemakers and producers!